Radio Maine with dr. lisa belisle

Join Dr. Lisa as she brings over a decade of experience interviewing radio show guests to the Portland Art Gallery. She'll be talking to our staff, artists, gallery community and many other interesting individuals around Maine and beyond. Her style is welcoming, compassionate and kind as she looks for the positivity in life's challenges and for the outcomes that will inspire us all. 

Radio Maine Episode 6: Andrew Faulkner 

In this episode, Lisa Belisle connects with California-based artist, Andrew Faulkner.  Andrew has an unusually rich lineage of creativity.  His great-grandfather was an accomplished professional artist who traveled regularly to Europe for inspiration before returning to Connecticut to paint. His grandfather, father and brother are architects. Andrew’s mother was an interior designer. However, Andrew entered Trinity College prepared to obtain a more practical education in English, or Psychology, before finishing with a degree in Fine Arts.  After a successful 30 year career in graphic design, Andrew started his “real job” as a professional artist.  Learn more about Andrew Faulkner in Episode 6.

Radio Maine Episode 5: Dietlind Vander Schaaf

Dietlind Vander Schaaf’s life, as Walt Whitman might suggest, “contains multitudes.”  Not only is she an artist and teacher of art, she is also a writer and yoga teacher who has undergraduate and masters degrees in history (as well as a masters of fine art in writing!)  Lisa Belisle’s interview with Dietlind explores her unique practice of creating encaustic art on wood panels: a laborious process of applying layer after layer of hot wax, paint and, in her case, 23-karat gold leaf. Hear about her artistic evolution, including four years spent working through perceived failure, and ultimate emergence with a renewed faith n herself. Dietlind also speaks about her love of languages, imposter syndrome and the personal satisfaction she gets from teaching workshops. This conversation with Dietlind Vander Schaaf can be seen on the Portland Art Gallery website, on Vimeo, You Tube, or listened to via Podbean. Thank you for listening to, and following, Radio Maine. We welcome comments and suggestions for future shows from our Radio Maine community!

Radio Maine: Episode 4 with Jane Dahmen

Host, Dr. Lisa Belisle, connects with artist Jane Dahmen in her Newcastle, Maine home for Episode 4 of Radio Maine. Jane has created a well-established art practice over the course of 50+ years. She was first introduced to Maine as a student at Colby College in Waterville and, after vacationing here for several years, moved to Newcastle full time with her husband, Joe, in 2005. Jane talks about overcoming challenges, including Joe's diagnosis and eventual death due to Alzheimer's disease, by looking inward to find answers. Jane also speaks about her passion for interviewing artists and curators at her popular "Talking Art in Maine" series in Damariscotta, Maine. She's led conversations with artists Alex Katz, Lois Dodd, Katherine Bradford, Eric Hopkins, Michel Droge, and many others, as well as museum luminaries such as Sharon Corwin, Suzette McAvoy and Mark Bessire.

Radio Maine: Episode 3

Our host, Dr. Lisa Belisle, is one of ten siblings. Her father's 50-year career as a family physician led her toward a similar professional path adding studies in pubic health (MPH), acupuncture and business (MBA). While she's currently in a primary care leadership role for a Maine-based healthcare system, she has always continued a parallel path as an on-air interviewer, writer and presenter. Learn more about Lisa, as well as her appreciation for work by artist, Willa Vennema, in this episode.

Radio Maine: Episode 2 with Missy Dunaway

Artist Missy Dunaway joins Dr. Lisa for our second episode of Radio Maine. They discuss Missy's earliest recollections of wanting to become an artist, her military upbringing, and her wanderlust that led to travel around the globe. Missy tells us about her Fulbright Scholarship that sent her to Turkey where she studied textiles and where she began her visual travel journals. We also hear about her new quarantine pet, Carrot the chicken! Missy is one of the featured artists at the Portland Art Gallery in March 2021.

Radio Maine: Episode One with Emma Wilson

In our inaugural episode of Radio Maine, Dr. Lisa has a conversation with Gallery Director, Emma Wilson. They talk about the past year of doing business during Covid and how the gallery, and artists, forged a path forward while taking care to provide needed connection, communication and compassion along the way. Hear about how the team at the Portland Art Gallery expanded their artist roster and available artwork to offer more creative space for their artists and more options for their loyal art buyers and collectors from Maine to Hong Kong. Watch, listen and get to know us.