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Maine.  I was born in Rockport Maine, in 1999. My dad was the town manager of Rockport at the time but after around a year of living there my parents decided to move to Raymond, Maine. I grew up in Raymond and Windham and both sides of my family were potato and dairy farmers (mom, potato, dad, dairy). Maine has a deep place in my heart and I am so grateful to call it home.


Inspiration.  My inspiration lies within my friends and family, my community, my home, the life and love that bursts from everyday existence. I hope that this interest in portraying everyday life comes to the front of my images. I want the joy of this notion to scream through in color and through form. I enjoy directly responding to my environments as well, drawing on location, painting on location, in the hopes of gleaning honest responses and meaningful relationships on the surface of my works.


Medium. Oils mainly, on paper, wood, canvas, linens, muslin - whatever is readily available and durable for the way I work the surfaces.


Artist Hero.  Presently, I am obsessed with Doron Langberg, Jennifer Packer, Matt Bolinger, Salman Toor are among my top favorites at the moment. However my interests delve a lot into my studies within modernism and my obsession with fauvism and realist / genre painting as well as folk art.


Studio. I am working and living in Brunswick currently.


Where in Maine. My inspiration lately has come from Kezar Lake, and the artist residency up there “Hewnoaks”. I made a lot of work during that time and my week there was spent with a passion for observation and response. My parents still live in Raymond, and my grandmother lives in Scarborough on what used to be the dairy farm my dads side of the family once had. Some of my moms family still live up in Monticello, Maine as well.


Fun Fact. I enjoy making and writing music! And I love to watch movies!


Education.  I graduated from Windham High School in 2017 and obtained a BFA with a concentration in Painting / Graduated in 2021 from Montserrat College of Art.




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