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Maine.  I have traveled several times to Maine for vacation; the first was a bicycle trip from Bennington, Vermont to Ogunquit, Maine. The rugged-ness of Maine has long interested me, and every time I get to be in Maine whether camping or specifically to study some aspect of Maine, I deeply enjoy painting in the landscape of this state. 


Inspiration.  Translating the visual experience of life into the language of paint, I am not content to paint things the same way over and over again. I am always searching for a surprising way to handle the paint and solve a visual challenge, even to the extend of destroying most or all of the work of art. Often, something of the salvage inspires a completely new direction. 


Medium.   Encaustic and other ancient media. The interest in ancient media began as I studied egg tempera in art school, and has continued as I learned Metalpoint drawing and began to explore encaustic, even making my own encaustic paint from scratch. Ralph Mayer’s Handbook of Materials and Techniques has become a life-long friend, as well as many of the old masters.


Artist Hero.  Vermeer. His deep understanding of the role of light and the poetic stillness of the places he depicts are simply transcendent. He is always living in the back of my mind and expanding what is possible. 


Studio. We live in Norristown, PA, so our neighborhood is fairly urban. However, we designed a luxurious backyard-garden, which I often spend hours painting and contemplating. I cross the threshold into an unattached carriage house that I’ve made my studio. Over the years, I have accumulated tools which I have repurposed for the encaustic medium. I built a venting system through the roof and divised a rather large mobile palette table for paint. My studio is filled with a plethora of still life objects, and I admit I am a collector of “found things” from my neighborhood walks. Multiple projects are always underway in a variety of mediums, all vying for my attention. 


Where in Maine.  Harraseeket, Maine. Painting on location several times there, I admire the ruggedness and the forbidding and dangerous quality of the coastline. It is vastly unique and beautiful. 


Fun Fact.  I am a long distance runner, about four times a week, and I contemplate my visual problems in my head while I am out running!


Education.   I received an A.S.S. from RIT and a B.F.A. from Tyler School of Art. After I attained the formal degree, my education began in earnest. At this point, my education was my responsibility. How I used what I learned and built upon it was self-directed. My wife and I try to travel extensively, taking in not only the artistic sites like museums, concert sites, etc., but the landscapes and atmospheric qualities each location presents. 





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