Off The Wall Magazine Q&A with Sarah Ingraham



Maine. It was only after I left Maine that I realized how lucky I was to have grown up in there. I spent my summers taking the ferry around Casco Bay and biking all over the islands. My friends and I would explore Portland and watch all the boats come and go from the harbor. We went camping and hiking and had bonfires. It was magic. 


Inspiration. Bold or unique textiles, rugs, wildflowers, clashing colors, and vintage vases.


Medium. I’ve always been a painter but when I’m feeling stuck I love to hop over to textiles and ceramics. I make hand hooked rugs, pillows, rug paintings, and will often paint my own tiles and vases to arrange as inspiration for my paintings. Murals are also great because I get to scale way up. 


Artist Hero. The first painting I ever saw that sparked an instant excitement was Dahlov Ipcar’s Blue Savannah at the Portland Museum of Art. She was the artist that started my love affair with color.


Studio. I’m currently working out of the second bedroom of my apartment in Brooklyn, New York. I have a window so I’m pretty lucky. Also, the commute’s not bad either.  


Where in Maine. I grew up in Cumberland, Maine and go back as often as I can. I have so many memories of exploring the woods behind my house, fishing in the river, and taking my dogs for long walks and swims. That alone time became essential to my practice as a painter because it taught me that my best ideas come while moving and breathing fresh air. 


Fun Fact. My art history concentration in college was ancient Indian manuscripts. That is some of the greatest art I’ve ever seen. 

Education. I attended the University of Vermont in Burlington, Vermont and graduated with a BA in Studio Art and Art History. Beyond that, the work experience I’ve had outside of college has been essential to my practice. It hasn’t always been easy, or linear, but it’s taught me to keep pushing, know how to pivot, and to be open to everything because you never know what could be an opportunity. 






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