Maine. My wife and I had visited friends in Maine several times before we moved here in 1981. For the first five years we considered moving back to Connecticut because of the long winters here but we settled in and found Maine to be a great place to work and raise a family.


Inspiration. What motivates me to make art is just an overload of curiosity about the things around me. The everyday observations of colors, patterns and materials make their way into my studio as ideas to be explored.

Medium. I have used several materials in my work over the years including dragonfly wings, beer labels, lead, wax and fishing line. In recent years I have been trying to use a variety of woods and an assortment of paints in different ways.

Artist Hero. I greatly admire the works of Isamu Noguchi, Joan Mitchell, Martin Puryear and Hew Locke among many others. The artists that I feel have influenced my work either conceptually or in practice are Anni Albers, Johann Vermeer, Lin Emery and Wolfgang Behl.

Studio. I have a beautiful two room studio that is attached to our home that we built sixteen years ago. One room is for the construction of work using saws and sanders and other tools. The other room is for assembly and painting and documenting the work. I try to keep this room clean.

Where in Maine. We lived in Belfast Maine for 24 years before moving next door to the town of Northport 16 years ago. Belfast was a wonderful place to raise kids. The art scene was and still is a very vibrant and integral part of the city’s persona. Our home and studio up in the woods of Northport suits our life style and we continue to enjoy what Maine has to offer.

Interesting Fact. We always had cats as pets. After losing our last cat about five years ago we decided to hang it up with pets. When our daughter moved back to Maine with her dog Stevie Nicks we were smitten. Three years ago at the age of 63 we adopted our first rescue dog and named her Rosie. She is the sweetest little dog and we spoil her rotten.

Education. I took night courses in painting at the University of Hartford while a senior in High School. Graduated from a strict and rigorous two years at Dean Junior College in Franklin Massachusettes before transferring to the Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford. My sculpture professor at Hartford, Wolfgang Behl, hired me as an apprentice after graduating to work on different commissions in his Berkshire mountain studio. After working with Behl I moved to New Orleans Louisianna to apprentice to kinetic sculptor Lin Emery. Both of these experiences with these artists were transformative for me because I was able to learn different skills but more importantly I could experience how a working artist lived.