Off The Wall Magazine Q&A with Rick Hamilton



Maine.  Maine has been my home for about 40 years. I have traveled a lot but have always kept Maine as my home base. I love the beauty of Maine though rarely use it in my art. If you visit my studio there is very little evidence that I’m a Maine artist.

Inspiration. My inspiration comes from interacting with people. I may hear a phrase and feel “That needs to be a painting “. Then I take that idea to the studio and play with it.

Medium.  I use acrylic paint along with spray paint and pastels. I’m an impatient artist and the quick dry time of acrylics is important to me.

Artist Hero.  Picasso and Modigliani.

Studio. My studio is a warehouse type place in Portland. It’s loud, dirty, and beautiful.

Where in Maine.  I really love Portland. I also anywhere on the ocean.

Fun Fact.  I have no training or instruction in art whatsoever. I have developed my style through hard work and perseverance.





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