Maine: I have been coming up to Maine every summer since I was a child. My family has a rustic camp that I return to every year to paint and find inspiration.

Inspiration: I’m interested in environmental change and the human impact on nature. I’m also interested in art history, and the way we can trace the exchange of ideas and technologies through the history of art across cultures. I find the stories inherent in textiles and ceramics particularly compelling.

Medium: The medium I work in varies. I love the way that oil paint sits on a smooth wood panel. I also love the immediacy of using watercolor and pastel on paper. Additionally, I create sculptures out of found objects, I find working in three dimensions helps me to see my paintings and drawings in new ways.

Artist Hero: There are too many artists to count, and they shift on a daily or weekly basis. Right now I’m researching textile artists, and I’m fascinated by Anni Albers drawings. Recently I traveled to Uzbekistan and was amazed by the colors and intricate patterns in the architecture of Bukhara and Samarkand.

Studio: I have a studio in Brooklyn, New York that overlooks the East River. I work in my studio but also find sites around the city to paint and draw outdoors. When I’m in Maine, I almost always work outside and finish the pieces on site. I have a portable setup with a French easel and smaller palette, so I can hike into the woods or scramble down the rocks to get to the water's edge with my painting materials.

Where in Maine: I return to the Blue Hill Peninsula and Deer Isle area to paint. I’m particularly interested in sites where the human impact on the landscape can be felt, like granite quarries, boat yards, and Superfund sites.

Fun Fact: I’m left-handed.

Education: I first studied painting with artist Jon Imber in high school. I went on to study art and art history at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, and received an MFA from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. I currently work at Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts, where I am the director of the galleries, and also teach.