Off The Wall Magazine Q&A with Darthea Cross



Maine. I have been coming to Maine since I was a teenager to visit extended family and friends. I was increasingly drawn to the state's natural offerings, discovering its beauty through hiking and camping with my husband. I found the inspiration for my current body of work while walking along the rocks at a small cove in the midcoast region.

Inspiration. I am intrigued by the linear elements of the coastline, the lines running along the surface of the formations. These lines of strata, visible due to weathering, separate as well as bind together, reflecting their configuration and giving a glimpse into their evolution. 

Medium. I use water-based paints such as acrylics and inks, because I enjoy their flexibility. Acrylics and inks also tend to have a lower toxicity level than other media.

Artist Hero. My father was an artist, sketching and painting in his spare time. As a child, I was fascinated by the way he could create an image using pencil or paint. He encouraged me to sketch and paint with him, which had a profound influence on my decision to become an artist.

Studio. I may sketch outside while at a site, but I do most of my painting in the studio. I like being able to leave my paints and brushes out, and my palette set up, so I can simply start painting when I enter the space. My studio is in our home and I enjoy being able to walk into the studio at any hour of the day. 

Where in Maine. My husband recently retired, enabling us to realize our plan to move to Maine. We wanted to be close to Portland and friends, and Yarmouth seemed to have many of the qualities we were looking for: a welcoming community, a historic town center with numerous restaurants and stores, a beautiful library, and a community garden. 

Fun FactI knew I wanted to be an artist—a painter—when I was nine years old. 

Education. I went to the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.