Off The Wall Magazine Q&A with Scott Bowe



Maine. I grew up in Connecticut, but spent every summer at a waterfront cottage built by my great-grandfather in Freeport. My childhood “building blocks” were memories of being with extended family. We moved to Freeport when I was a teenager. The combination of the warmth I feel towards Maine, the coastline, family and friends, and the arts I learned in a Maine high school are ingrained in everything I do. 


Inspiration. Art is ever-evolving. Colors are like emotions. Our intrinsic emotional palette dictates our lives, as reflected in our choice of color. Any emotionally charged creative expression, whether it comes from art, music, or film, takes a strong hold on my feelings and comes alive through my art.


Medium. My preferred medium is acrylics—specifically fluid acrylics. I like their movement and versatility. The time sensitivity of this medium keeps me focused in the moment. 


Artist Hero. Banksy, for his unpredictability and his profound, thought-provoking political and social commentary. 


Studio. My art studio is in my home. I choose to be close so that when an idea is triggered, I can act on it immediately. I always have music streaming in the genre of the piece I’m creating. It’s definitely a working space, and I allow myself the freedom to get messy. It’s something my school age twins have taught me. I love the fact that I’m exposing my children to art and encouraging them to explore their creative abilities. 


Where in Maine. I feel fortunate to live in Portland. I traveled the world and lived out west for years before returning home. Portland is where I decided to raise a family. It has the perfect combination of culture, history, food, architecture, education, and a community that I connect with. People here have a strong work ethic, are open-minded, and appreciate the beauty of our seasons. 


Fun Fact. As an actor, I had the honor to work with Robin Williams in the movie Flubber.


Education. I was introduced to art in high school at Waynflete in Portland. During college, I attended the Semester at Sea program and circumnavigated the globe, visiting nine different countries. I made a substantial effort to meet local artists and observe their craft. After college I attended the Groundlings Theatre and School in Los Angeles and worked as an actor, earning my Screen Actors Guild card. All these experiences contributed to my career as a visual artist. My experimentation with the medium and substrates I work with is self-taught. 





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