Off The Wall Magazine Q&A with Petrea Noyes



Maine.  I moved to Maine in 1996 with my husband and children partly to ‘step back’ in time for a less complicated life style. My husband I ran an auto repair shop in Lincolnville Beach until retiring in 2015.

Inspiration.  My grandparents raised me and I drew much inspiration from them. My grandfather, Harold Wolcott, was a painter and teacher.  He gave me the run of a wonderful studio that was well stocked with canvas, oils, stretcher bars and lots of room to make art. 

Medium.  At one time, my medium was oils, acrylics and mixed media.  Now, I work with a mélange including a laptop computer, digital software programs, an Intuos table and stylus which enables drawing and painting digitally, and a 44-inch inkjet printer that sprays pigments, not dyes, that are stabile for 80+ years.

Artist Hero.  My grandfather Harold Wolcott, several of my teachers in art school, and the works of Alex Katz whom I first met in 1965.

Studio.   I work in a garret.  It is an attic space above our former auto repair facility office. Incredibly unstable folding attic stairs accesses my ‘studio’.  The space is quiet and nobody comes up while I am working. I can make any kind of mess necessary without having to clean it up.  It’s heaven.

Where in Maine. When my husband and I first moved to Maine we lived on a 100-acre farm in Lincolnville with our dogs, cats and horses. We later moved to a 500 acre farm in Brooks Maine that we eventually sold to the Peace Ridge Sanctuary Animal Rescue We’re now in Lincolnville just up the road from one of my inspirations, Alex Katz.

Fun Fact.  My father was a pilot for Eastern Airlines for years. He told horrible stories about ‘near misses’ that caused me to dislike air travel to this day.

Study.   My grandfather let me sit in on his art classes that he conducted several days a week in the 3 floor of our converted barn. I studied formally for 2 years at Silvermine College of Art in New Canaan before going on for my B.A. in English/Art/Journalism at the University of Miami Florida.