Off The Wall Magazine Q&A with Helen Lewis



Maine. My husband, Brad, and I have been coming to Maine for over 35 years.  We make the trip to Maine from our home in Ohio as frequently as we can; at least twice each year. I love the ocean, the rocky coastline, the history and the architecture. The serenity I hope to convey in my work is that same sense of centeredness that I experience along the Maine coast.


Inspiration. I am fascinated with texture, patina, old script, typography and ephemera that speak of the passage of time. Weathered aging brick, peeling paint, lichens and moss on rocks are all intriguing to me. These elements and marks made beautiful by human hands and by nature frequently inspire my artwork. 

Medium. I work with encaustic and cold wax and oil. I love the luminous qualities and depth of layers that emerge with both, as well as the variety of texture that can be achieved with each medium

Artist Hero. Contemporary artist Makato Fujimura, as well as Sam Lock and David Mankin from the UK have positively impacted my work. 

Studio. I value the convenience of having my studio in my home. I often head into the studio early in the morning while still in my pajamas and stay late into the night. Since my daughter’s family lives nearby, I get the sweetest studio break when our first grandson walks over for his afternoon visit.

Where in Maine.  Although we would love to have a home in, we just have not felt that the timing was quite right for us to “take the plunge.” We look forward to the day when our businesses and responsibilities in Ohio are such that we are able to spend significant amounts of time in Maine.

Unknown Fact. I was orphaned at age five, losing both my mother and father within three weeks of each other. Raised by my dad’s brother, I turned to art at a young age as a way to immerse myself in something that brought contentment and joy.  

Study. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Mount Union.  And, I’ve done individual or group studies with internationally known author and artist, Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch; artist Victoria Pinney; art professor Clare Murray Adams; and author and artist Crystal Neubauer. 





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