Maine.  I’m from Alaska, and began studying art at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. My disappointment with the program, and my results, led me to find an alternative. I came to the Maine College of Art (then Portland School of Art) to study painting. Maine was a terrific place to become a landscape painter, given the more intimate aspects of the Maine landscape, compared to Alaska’s larger scale.

InspirationI’m inspired by the act of creating: making art is a journey of discovering where my creativity lies. I am also inspired by the patterns, colors, shapes, and textures that surround me in Maine. I love the changing mood of each season. The need to create is one of the hallmarks of humanity. Everyone has the urge to create at some level—artists just have a stronger urge than most.

MediumAcrylics, oils, and mixed media. The constructions that I build are of reclaimed wood, usually from doors that are 80 years old or more. The old door makers always used the best wood, and it is of a quality that can’t be purchased new from any lumberyard today.

Artist Quote.  The American painter Robert Henri once wrote, “It is really not important whether one’s vision is as great as that of another. It is a personal question as to whether one shall live in and deal with his greatest moments of happiness.”

StudioMy studio space is in my home. 

Where in Maine. Gorham 

Fun FactWhen I lived out West, I was into hang gliding, and now in Maine I’m an ardent year-round windsurfer. 

EducationMaine College of Art in Portland