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Maine.  I was born in Portland. My grandparents were from Waterville. They bought a small summer cottage in East Boothbay in 1918.  I spent every summer of my childhood with them. I moved back to Maine full-time in 1995. The coast and awesome, rhythmic power of the ocean are embedded in my soul.


Inspiration. I enjoy the mentally and physically intensive process of carving and shaping my pieces. I’m very inspired by my love of mythology: a gift from my grandmother and the stories she read to me as a child. My wife and soulmate, Priscilla May, is a tapestry weaver and printmaker. She and I have a deep personal bond that directs much of my work.


Medium. Stone sculpting.

Artist Hero. William Zorach, through his book Zorach Explains Sculpture; Constantine Seferlis, who created carvings at the Washington Cathedral for two decades; and Don Meserve, the highly respected sculptor and teacher from Round Pond, Maine. I’ve been impacted by numerous fellow sculptors in the Maine Stone Workers Guild, and at the Schoodic International Sculpture Symposium. 


Where in Maine. Like my grandparents, we live on Ocean Point in East Boothbay, where we bought our own cottage in the early 1980s. Over time, we renovated and fully winterized the home. Ocean Point has a long tradition as a Maine summer colony. We enjoy a wonderful water view, and keep a boat moored right out front in Card Cove. 


Studio. Like many cottage lots, ours was too small to build a studio on, so I built a 40’ x 30’ studio on Back Narrows Road in Boothbay that I share with my wife and fellow artist, Priscilla. We each have about 600 square feet, separated by sound- and dust-proof walls because of our very different mediums. We thrive on each other’s artistic energy and inspirations!


Fun Fact.  Most of my career was spent in Massachusetts, in the banking and finance sector. My interest in art began in my forties, and since I had no studio space, I would work outside in nice weather and on weekends.


Education. Primarily self-taught, with significant instruction from Constantine Seferlis and Don Meserve. 





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