William Crosby

William Crosby

"The natural landscape of sky, earth and water is a cathedral for life and spirit. Wilderness is both a physical place and a place of mind and spirit.  Often my work can be considered as an abstract impression of the landscape. Certainly I think of my paintings as an interpretative response to the landscape." -William M. (Bill) Crosby

My paintings are a confluence of the real and the abstract accomplished in the studio after first hand experience in the natural environment. Paintings are inspired by the coast of Maine, Katahdin, Cape Cod, the low country of South Carolina, the Adirondacks of New York and Alaska. Open to interpretation they are bold brush strokes of energetic and spontaneous compositions played against open and under stated areas. The paintings are done in many different sizes including large 4'x5' and 4'x6' canvases, including triptychs. Usually several canvases are painted at one time providing a fresh and varied approach to a composition. 

Bill is a retired professor of art and an active painter and photographer. 

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