Petrea Noyes

Petrea Noyes

Since I am no longer able to produce artwork using my computer, six software programs and a large-scale printer (which recently quit on me!) I have returned to making my paintings the traditional way- drawing the image on canvas with graphite and acrylics.  
Both my grandparents had troves of family photos which I now have and from which I glean most of my images.  I work with graphite (pencil) and acrylics on custom-built and stretched canvases, usually 38x38x1.75 inches.  I like to combine my 'figures' with landscape-like background/settings and I usually use soft pastel colors in both the 'settings' and the figures.
I have been an exhibiting artist since the late 50's and still show my work in numerous juried shows every year in the Northeast....I have created many portraits for clients over the years in CT, MA, NY and several other states.

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