Allen Bunker

Allen Bunker

Allen Bunker is a licensed construction supervisor and owner of a construction company. In the 80’s, while vacationing on Cape Cod and Boothbay Harbor, Maine, he started painting to relieve stress. In 2007 he and his wife moved into their vacation house in Boothbay Harbor full time. They opened a gallery downtown to sell other artists’ work. When Allen added one of his own paintings, it sold immediately. So, he hung more and within a few years he was selling more than all of the other 40 gallery artists combined. 


Allen calls his paintings ‘Landscape Allusions’ as they are more about the feeling from the landscape rather than an accurate depiction. He explains, “I try to paint the feeling I get from a particular scene. People come to Maine not just for the good weather and spectacular landscape but to also ‘get away’ and ‘get back to nature’. My goal as an artist is to bring the viewer back to that feeling or emotion. Many times, especially in Maine, the feeling is intense and bold, or cold and foreboding. But then there are those gorgeous landscape skies, land, and water that almost make you want to cry they are so beautiful. They are all a part of Maine and life and I would like to capture them all in my work. For me it's always been about the possibilities of what lies beyond, or through, or in. This is the larger value.”


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