Established in 2014, Portland Art Gallery features emerging and established artists who share a connection to Maine. The gallery is comprised of two spacious rooms filled with natural light, located in the heart of Portland's historic Old Port. Exhibitions change monthly and opening receptions are held on the first Thursday of the month in our newly renovated reception room.

Emma Wilson, Director

Emma has been the Director at the Portland Art Gallery since 2015. She's typically at the Gallery Monday through Friday but available to staff seven days a week. Emma is responsible for curating our artist roster and art inventory as well as working directly with clients or assisting staff as they work to find the perfect piece for our art collectors.  Prior to joining the Gallery, Emma worked as the Development Director for the Wayfinder schools.  Before that she spent three years as a Tour Coordinator at the Portland Museum of Art. Emma has a BA in Sociology from Alfred University and a Masters in Social Work from Boston University.  She lives in Yarmouth, Maine, and is actively involved with several non-profits and her three children.

Emily Blaschke

Emily was born and raised in Southern California and received a BA from UC-Berkeley in 1992.  She has spent every summer of her life in the midcoast area, and Maine has been her home for the past ten years.  Maine holds deep family ties and connections.  “My approach to art has been influenced by a number of factors, most significantly American folk art.”   The beauty, design, and functionality manifested in my mother’s collection, as well as other artists’ pieces, have guided my work. I utilize layers of different textures, colors, and collages hoping my paintings explode off the canvas.  I also incorporate mundane items used in everyday life, such as toothbrushes, plastic beads, pieces of jewelry, to explore a wide variety of themes and issues of contemporary society.  Some of my mixed media pieces combine  American icons and multiple political messages. Through these means my art seeks to address the world we live in and challenge the viewer to consider alternative realities."

Bonnie Dougherty

Bonnie has always had a deep appreciation for and love of the arts in every form. She grew up in a rural town in Maine where she had little access or exposure to design, fashion, or the arts - but an innate knack for it all from the start. She was always the girl wearing something "different" and never quite fit the mold of small town sports star like her siblings. It wasn't until adulthood that she really began to embrace and express that part of herself. She now lives in Portland, where she owns a wardrobe styling business, enjoys painting and knitting as a hobby, and recently joined our team here at Portland Art Gallery to further her knowledge and connection to the arts community. She and her husband Daniel have two children, Ulysses (6) and Arvaline (8 months).

Missy Dunaway

Missy joined Portland Art Gallery in 2018 after moving to Maine in 2016. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Humanities and Fine Art from Carnegie Mellon University in 2010, then moved to New York City to pursue a career in arts administration. She left the city in 2013 to research Anatolian textiles in Turkey with a Fulbright Fellowship, then traveled the globe in the following years through the support of seven art residency fellowships. In addition to working at Portland Art Gallery, she teaches art workshops and contributes illustrations for books published by Penguin Random House and Abrams.

Bella Weidner

Bella is an artist and art educator with roots in New Hampshire, Boston, California and Maine. Bella received her Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art with a Concentration in Painting from Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA. Bella moved to Maine in 2015 to further her art career and recently received her Master's of Art in Teaching from Maine College of Art. She now lives in Cumberland with her husband and a flock of chickens.

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